Cloth Diapers

Oh, Crap...Cleaning Cloth Diapers

Thursday, August 27, 2015

One of the biggest cons to cloth diapers is cleaning them. Poop is gross. Period. I don't even like saying the word. I used to refer to it as crap. But I'm a mom now so using that word is frowned upon. Especially now that I have a toddler who likes to play copy cat.

I'll be the first to admit that it is a million times easier to just toss a disposable diaper into the garbage. But as I mentioned in my first post about why we cloth diaper, I have a hard time tossing hundreds of diapers into the garbage knowing they're just going to go sit in some landfill for ages. It may not be pretty, but in a weird way cleaning and re-using cloth diapers is good for my soul. 

So, on to the nitty gritty of our cloth diaper cleaning routine.

It's Time to Do Something About ​​Paid Family Leave​ in America​

Thursday, August 13, 2015

"We’re introducing an unlimited leave policy for new moms and dads that allows them to take off as much time as they want during the first year after a child’s birth or adoption," as stated in the August 4th Netflix blog post.

Whoa...did I just read that right? Up to a year of paid leave for both moms and dads? Did I go to sleep and somehow wake up in Europe? Because this can't be happening in the United States, the only country other than Oman (a country I've never even heard of) and Papua New Guinea to not guarantee paid maternity leave according to a 2014 United Nations study.

The report, conducted by the International Labor Union, also states that the US offers new mothers fewer weeks of maternity leave than any other Western country. Way to go 'Merica! Obviously, I am less than thrilled with our country's treatment of new working mothers and am in a state of ​wonder at Netflix's new policy, which not only creates opportunities for new working mothers, but new working fathers as well. Talk about a giant leap forward.

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