Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hi! I'm Sarah and this is my blog: So Sarahdipity. You can contact me at sarah@sosarahdipity.com.

Just in case you want to know a little more about me and why I started writing this blog, here you go:

I love to write. Ever since I received my first floral covered journal in a fourth grade Christmas gift exchange with friends, my pen has been drawn to the page. I am still an avid journalist and crave the peace that comes from putting my rambling thoughts down on paper. The beauty of a journal though is that it is private. There is no one to see my mistakes - and there are many - but me. And while I often think I am one of my own worst critics, I am petrified of putting my thoughts out to the world.

I’ve thought about starting a blog for years, who hasn’t? But I have been extremely hesitant to start the path of transition from pen and paper to keyboard and screen. What if no one reads it? What if they do read it and hate it? What if they say mean things? What if they don’t say anything at all but silently judge me from behind the safety of their computer screens? What if I discover that I am in fact the world’s worst writer?

All of these things could, and probably will, happen at some point on this journey - but more and more I feel the media that surrounds us can be full of negativity and judgement and I don’t want to just sit back and accept it. I don’t want my daughter to accept it. I want to rebel against it and despite my fear, fly in the face of any haters and just be me. I know I will sound ridiculous at points, I know that not everyone will agree with what I have to say and I know that I will make grammatical errors that will make me cringe when I discover them to my dismay days later, but I’m going to try and do it anyway.

So here goes. Hopefully, in a serendipitous way, maybe this blog will lead to positive things. Please, if you read any of these entries, have grace and know that I am a tired, busy, but happy working mother and wife. I am also a writer, reader, cook, traveler, crafter and runner, and I will probably touch on any or all of the above at some point. Ideally, I’d like to be a routine blogger; realistically, I know that my life does not work on a routine at this point. Much like my hope for this blog, my life is full of love but rarely as perfect as I sometimes wish it to be.

Thank you for reading my jumbled mess of thoughts and I hope that perhaps this blog and these words can brighten your day or outlook, even if for a moment.

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