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Friday, February 05, 2016

Isn't it something how sometimes the only constant in life is change? Do you ever wish that life had a pause button? Life is going too fast for me these days (Hello, it's March! I haven't posted anything to this blog in a month! How did that happen? I'll tell you how - life...) and it feels like things are changing all around me. For someone who likes control (who, me?) change can be hard. But I am trying to focus less on what I can't control and work more on changing myself - the one thing I can control.  

Life is never going to stop moving, and in a very literal sense, we don't want it to. Instead of only seeing the negative, one way that I am trying to have a better relationship with change is to focus on the beauty it can bring. So, with that in mind, here are a few interesting somethings about change and unexpected beauty:

One change I excitedly look forward to is the change in season from winter to spring. In Chicago, the end of winter is a monumental occasion. With spring right around the corner, Chicago usually faces a flood of potholes, but this artist is using the potholes as an opportunity to make beautiful art.

I can't control our ridiculous presidential race right now, but I can see the beauty in the humor that comes out of it. I mean Donald Trump is the leading Republican candidate - we have to laugh, right? Here's a great segment by John Oliver: #makedonalddrumpfagain 

Also, in respect to finding beauty amidst the crazy of this world, how lovely is this sentiment from one of my favorites, Glennon Doyle of Momastery. I am going to try to remember this during what I am sure will be a heated presidential race.

Sometimes change can be really, really good. Take this wonderful commercial: #sharetheload. I love, love, love this. When I first saw it, I got all the feels. It tackles an important issue head on - that of division of labor at home and how a majority of the household tasks will inherently fall to women. For some reason, because I am a woman, I am supposedly more suited to laundry, cleaning and cooking? Thankfully, that thought process is changing. I am raising a daughter. And I can proudly say that she has a dad who shares the load. She sees her dad helping with the laundry, cleaning the house and preparing our meals and it is beautiful

Soo excited to see this movie! Changing the cast from all male to all female was the best change ever in this movie's case!

Astronaut Scott Kelly is back from a year in space and he took some incredible photos. My favorite is the one of an aurora - it is stunning. Seeing these pictures gives a whole new perspective to things. We absolutely need to change our mentality and do a better job of taking care of our earth. "The more I look at Earth, and certain parts of Earth, the more I feel [like] an environmentalist," Kelly says. "It's just a blanket of pollution in certain areas. We can fix that if we put our minds to it."

The hubs and I may need to change up our dinner and a movie date night routine, this looks awesome!

And finally, Happy Birthday, Chicago!! Celebrate the city's 179th birthday with free cake and lemonade at the Chicago History Museum today. Sometimes the change of getting older isn't so bad :)

Have a lovely weekend! 

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